Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy – video preview

See this week's dastardly villain The Gunslinger hunting down his prey...

This Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who features a ruthless, Stetson-sporting android called The Gunslinger as its villain, who you can see in this new clip from the show.


And while you might find the idea of a psychotic robot in a ten gallon hat amusing, you’ll probably change your mind once you hear him ordering some poor wretch to “make peace with your gods.”

The clip showcases little more than the tracking and extermination of a chap with a bad facial tattoo, but underscores the point that the Doctor will really have his work cut out for him at the weekend:


A Town Called Mercy will air on BBC1 this Saturday at 7:35pm. If you fancy some more sneak peaks at the episode, check out our photo gallery.