Cloud Atlas – new trailer starring Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Jim Broadbent and Ben Whishaw

Excitement builds for the upcoming cinema adaptation of David Mitchell's bestseller

Apple has released a brand new trailer for Cloud Atlas, the much anticipated film adaptation of David Mitchell’s bestselling book. The two-and-a-half minute clip features actors Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Jim Broadbent and Ben Whishaw as characters connected across different times and locations.


The trailer is a shorter theatrical version of the one distributor Warner Bros released in July. The original trailer ran for five minutes, and demonstrated the scope and breadth of the film, switching between the different genres and stories that make up the main narrative. Although it’s been given a trim, this trailer still conveys the enourmous scale of the project, which purportedly cost around $100m.

The siblings behind The Matrix movies, Lana and Andy Wachowski, have co-directed the film with Run Lola Run director Tom Tykwer . In a video introduction they released earlier this year, Lana Wachowski mentioned how nervous she was to meet David Mitchell in case he didn’t approve of the team’s vision for his book. Luckily for them he supported their ideas, and the film went on to become a major international, independently funded production.

Although Hollywood studios had not originally been keen on funding such an ambitious undertaking, Warner Bros finally “gave in” and agreed to distribute the film.

The release of Cloud Atlas in the UK is currently scheduled for 22 March 2013.