You Ask The Questions: George Entwistle – incoming director-general of the BBC

Want to quiz Mark Thompson's successor at the Corporation? Now's your chance...

His appointment was announced, after much speculation, in July – but this month is when George Entwistle finally takes over the top job at the BBC. Radio Times will put your best questions to Mark Thompson’s successor, so what do you want to ask the incoming director-general? 


Perhaps you’d like to know how he’ll follow up recent drama successes such as Call the Midwife – or how he’s going to convince Moffat, Gatiss and Cumberbatch to keep making more and more Sherlock.

Maybe the Olympics has kindled your interest in sports other than football, cricket, rugby and F1 – could the BBC pick up that baton?

Or you might be concerned about the impact of budget cuts – how does Entwistle see the future of the Corporation?


Those are just a few ideas to get you going – ask him anything you like about any area of programming from comedy to current affairs, and ask it right here in the comments box below…