Hear Benedict Cumberbatch narrating Stephen Hawking’s new documentary series

Watch a clip from Stephen Hawking's Grand Design in which the Sherlock star explains what constitutes a law of nature


While you can currently see Benedict Cumberbatch every Friday in Parade’s End on BBC2, you’ll soon be able to hear the Sherlock star narrating a new three-part documentary series by theoretical physicist Professor Stephen Hawking.


Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design, which is due to begin airing on Discovery on Thursday 13 September, will see the Brief History of Time author summarising some of the greatest discoveries in scientific history and attempting to answer some fundamental questions about the creation of the universe.

While the series won’t premiere until next week, you can see a clip of the show below in which Hawking and Cumberbatch explain what constitutes a law of nature by analysing the forces at work in a game of tennis:


Grand Design is the second documentary series by Hawking that Cumberbatch has narrated, the two individuals having last teamed up on Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking, which was retitled Stephen Hawking’s Universe when it was broadcast in Britain in 2010.


Cumberbatch also played the physicist in the acclaimed BBC drama series Hawking, which was first transmitted in 2004 and earned Cumberbatch a best actor award nomination at the 2005 Baftas.