Full Metal Jousting takes reality TV back in time

Brace yourself for History's new back-to-basics extreme sport series...


Gone are the days when a simple singing competition was enough to hold our attention. 


From Beauty and the Geek and Playing it Straight to Shipwrecked and Dancing on Ice, reality TV shows have seemingly already tried every format imaginable, so it’s no wonder television producers are now scouring the history books to find new ideas.

So, in the name of entertainment, History is bringing back the most dangerous collision sport ever known: jousting.

The sport is making its come back hundreds of years after its heyday as the premise for a terrifyingly horse-tastic new American reality TV series, Full Metal Jousting. The programme will see 16 brave contestants don full suits of armour before engaging in a series of full-contact jousts. The men will battle it out until there is just one left. And for his trouble (plus bruises and the like) he will take home a cool $100,000 in cash.

This is no Total Wipeout – there’s no padding or foam.  Full Metal Jousting’s medieval battles are far from staged, these men are actually charging at each other on horseback at 30 miles an hour (which may only sound like the top speed of a mid range family tractor – but when you’re on a horse with a big stick pointing at you, it seems fast!) 

If this glorious format sounds like your cup of mead, you don’t have to wait until Friday night’s premiere to enjoy the medieval-style violence because we have a clip for you right here… 


Full Metal Jousting starts on Friday 7 September, 9:00pm History