Doctor Who: Matt Smith and Rupert Graves in new Dinosaurs on a Spaceship clip

See the Doctor and his explorer chum John Riddell plotting an expedition

After yesterday’s enoucnter with Queen Nefertiti, today’s snippet of Saturday’s upcoming Doctor Who adventure Dinosaurs on a Spaceship sees the Time Lord sat in front of a tent on the plains of Africa in the company of an Edwardian explorer named John Riddell, played by Rupert Graves.


While the pair sit around a campfire munching on mung beans, the Doctor tries to interest the adventurous Englishman to take an interest in a mysterious “something” he’s discovered.

“What is it?” asks the explorer, to which the Doctor responds “I’ve no idea. Do you want to find out…?”


Dinosaurs on a Spaceship will air on BBC1 this Saturday at 7:35pm.