The Thick of It series four – new video

Watch a clip from the political sitcom's upcoming series, which features Peter Mannion MP at his most curmudgeonly

Anyone champing at the bit for the start of The Thick of It’s fourth series will relish this new taster of the show, which features actor Roger Allam on top form.


Having taken over the ramshackle Department for Social Affairs and Citizenship from Nicola Murray, world-weary Ken Clarke-alike MP Peter Mannion (Allam) has been lumbered with some of the department’s incompetent old staff and a stack of unconvincing policies to sell to the public.

In the clip, Mannion’s off to a school to outline a policy to a group of children – a task he’s not especially keen on carrying out. Indeed, upon being told that he’s got to speak in front of a crowd of youngsters, Mannion says: “I hate school children. They’re volatile and stupid, and they haven’t got the vote. I might as well be talking to f***ing geese.”

Be warned, though – as is usually the case with The Thick of It, there’s a fair smattering of strong language in the clip:


The Thick of It: Coalition (as it’s being trailed on TV) will begin on BBC2 on Saturday 8 September at 9:45pm.