So you think you know your Southfork? Test your knowledge in our Dallas quiz…

Twenty years on, JR, Sue Ellen and Bobby are back with a host of new characters. But how well do you know the legendary 80s soap? Take our challenge and find out...


1. Whose shower-scene resurrection took Pam Ewing by surprise in 1986?


A) Bobby Ewing
B) Jock Ewing
C) April Stevens

2. How many viewers in the UK watched the 1980 episode Who Done It? in which JR’s would-be killer was revealed?

A) 30.15 million
B) 23.76 million
C) 21.60 million

3. Who did shoot JR?

A) Kristin Shepard
B) Sue Ellen Ewing
C) Pam Ewing

4. Which Dallas spin-off featured the Ewing brother Gary?

A) Falcon Crest
B) The Colbys
C) Knots Landing

5. Name Jock Ewing’s illegitimate son.

A) Dusty Farlow
B) Marvin “Punk” Anderson
C) Ray Krebbs

6. Which of these British actors did not have a role in Dallas?

A) Lesley-Anne Down
B) Stephanie Beacham
C) Ian McShane

7. Which Academy Award-winning actress replaced Barbara Bel Geddes in the role of Miss Ellie for just one season?

A) Shirley MacLaine
B) Anne Bancroft
C) Donna Reed

8. Which Dallas character shares his or her name with a hardcore punk/screamo band from Norway?

A) JR Ewing
B) Cliff Barnes
C) Miss Ellie

9. Can you spot the fake Dallas cliffhanger from these three options?

A) The Devil appears in JR’s mirror and tries to force him to shoot himself
B) A herd of cattle breaks free on the ranch and tramples Lucy
C) Sue Ellen threatens to blackmail JR with a film exposé that she’s made about her life with him

10. Which Hollywood heart-throb had an early role as Randy, the boyfriend of Charlie Wade?

A) Brad Pitt
B) Kevin Costner
C) Tom Cruise