Films on TV Tonight, Wednesday 5 September

Today's film highlights start with comedies Clueless and Role Models, before moving on to Midnight Express, Enemy of the State, The Kids are Alright and The Ice Storm.

Clueless – 7.10pm, Film4


Romantic comedy starring Alicia Silverstone as rich teenager Cher Horowitz who gives new high school arrival Brittany Murphy a makeover. Inspired by Jane Austen’s novel, Emma.

Role Models – 9.00pm, Film4

Hilarious comedy starring Sean William Scott and Paul Rudd. Two friends have to help care for difficult children when they are given 150 hours community service after a driving accident.

Midnight Express – 10.55pm, Film4

This drama, based on a true story, sees an American student sent to prison for drug possession in Istanbul, and the subsequent fight to save him. Starring Brad Davis, Randy Quaid and John Hurt.

Enemy of the State – 11.15pm, BBC1

Conspiracy thriller, directed by the late Tony Scott, about a lawyer who is forced to go on the run when he becomes involved in a crime. Starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman.

The Kids Are All Right – 11:40pm, Sky Movies Drama & Romance

This sweet and beautifully acted comedy drama looks at the complications that ensue when two teenagers, who were conceived through sperm-donation, track down their biological father. Starring Annette Bening, Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo.

The Ice Storm – 1.25pm, Film4


Ang Lee’s 1994 film, based on Rick Moody’s novel, about two middle class families struggling to negotiate the social and sexual politics of the 1970s.