Dallas star Patrick Duffy: Pam is “not needed” for this relationship

The actor, plus co-star and screen wife Brenda Strong, talk to David Brown about Bobby's latest marriage and whether he now has the measure of JR (Larry Hagman)


As Bobby Ewing’s first wife Pam, Victoria Principal was one of the most well-known actresses in the original incarnation of Dallas. But series star Patrick Duffy has stated to RadioTimes.com that Bobby’s current spouse Ann (played by Brenda Strong) is now seen by fans as his ideal partner.


“There are no less ardent Pamela fans out there,” he said, “but in the United States, where the full series has aired, people have accepted Ann Ewing, wife of Bobby Ewing, as the perfect marriage.”

The 63-year-old, who reprises his role in the all-new Dallas (Wednesday, Channel 5, 9pm), went on to say: “The desire for the character of Pam to come back has lessened because she’s not needed for this relationship.”

However, actress Brenda Strong admitted that any former cast member is welcome to make a return.

“The writers have said anyone who’s still living and who we haven’t killed off has the opportunity to come back as long as it makes sense for the storyline and it’s not stunt casting,” she said.

Duffy also stated that he believed Bobby now understood conniving brother JR (Larry Hagman) a lot better than he used to:

“That was the frustration of the character in the entire 13 years of the previous incarnation of Dallas. He never felt that he had control over being an equal to JR. So he was always frustrated – I mean, how many times did I grab Larry by the lapels? And now Bobby does have the measure of him; he knows exactly what he’s about.”


Watch the full interview with Patrick Duffy and Brenda Strong below: