Daybreak relaunch – what do you think?

New look Daybreak with Aled Jones and Lorraine Kelly gets a mixed reaction from viewers on Twitter


New presenters Aled Jones and Lorraine Kelly sat down on the Daybreak sofa for the first time this morning – to a mixed reception. 


Lorraine Kelly, who became a familiar face while presenting GMTV, and Aled Jones, the Welsh singer and Songs of Praise presenter, have replaced Dan Lobb and Kate Garraway, the pair who had been presenting the breakfast show until the much-anticipated relaunch this morning. 

Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley had initially fronted Daybreak until December 2011 when they were axed due to dwindling viewing figures. 

Before going live on air for the show’s third re-launch in two years, the new hosts shared their excitement with their Twitter followers. 

Aled Jones tweeted, “In make up!! On air in 24 mins and counting!!! join me and @reallorraine for Daybreak! X” while Lorraine Kelly posted this picture (left) of herself and her new co-host with the words: “Just about to go on the air!!”

But while Daybreak’s new presenters seemed to be enjoying their new roles, some viewers were less than enthusiastic about the show’s new feel. 

One disappointed Tweeter, @leorowell, said: “Have a feeling I shall be switching to BBC Breakfast now! @Daybreak you have most possibly lost loyal viewers!”

Many were lamenting the loss of ex-tennis star Dan Lobb and took to Twitter to share their opinions…

One smitten viewer, ‏‪@melaniemarshall, wrote: “Where has @danlobb gone?! He was the only reason to tune into #daybreak :(“

@ agreed, tweeting: “Just when you thought Daybreak couldn’t get any worse, they’ve replaced the gorgeous Dan Lobb for the dull Aled Jones #bringbackdanlobb” 

As well as welcoming new presenters, Daybreak also unveiled a new brightly coloured set this morning, which caused almost as much controversy as the new faces. The show has diverged entirely from the sleek look of the studio when Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley presented, adopting a bright and zingy colour scheme which prompted one viewer, @georginaro, to say “The new set is making me feel nauseous”…

Other viewers tweeted their dislike of the new look, too. ‏ @AntsRealityChat said: “Was the @Daybreak relaunch an acid trip or just a very bad late April Fools’ joke?” while @PieSliced posted: “Wow! Who designed the new Daybreak set? It looks like set for a dodgy 90’s Argos catalogue shoot!”

Not all the Twitter talk was negative, though, and many people rushed to share their positive feedback.

‏‪@JRStevens95 posted: “I was dreading the revamp of Daybreak but I love it. Daybreak is better then ever!”

There was a lot of praise for the new hosts of the show, too. @JonPeake tweeted, “I enjoyed the new Daybreak team of Aled and Lorraine. Surprise! He’s funny.” while @claireatterbury said, “Tuned in to @daybreak this am. @realaled and @reallorraine feel so trustworthy and rather excellent. #justsaying

Some Twitter users even professed their approval of the orange set. ‏‪@markdoherty13 said: “Am loving the new set to cheer us up for those cold winter mornings x”


What did you think? Did the new sunny look leave you cold? How do Lorraine and Aled compare to past Daybreak hosts?