I’m gonna live forever! Fame returns to TV

Nigel Lythgoe's TV remake will "expose the gritty struggle, heartache and pain endured in the search for stardom"

Fame. It might just live forever. 


First there was the Oscar-winning film, swiftly followed by the much-loved TV series which ran for five successful seasons before spawning a spin off, Fame L.A. Next we had the internationally performed musical, plus a musical sequel, Fame Forever -Talent Springs Eternal. And then, in 2009, Fame was revived anew for a filmic flop staring Kelsey Grammer and Megan Mullally.

Now American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe is teaming up with MGM TV to develop another remake of the musical series. 

While the original TV show followed the legwarmer-clad students of New York City High School for the Performing Arts as they struggled to find fame in 80s America, Nigel Lythgoe’s new series will be set against the backdrop of talent shows, reality TV stars and the celebrity-obbsessed world of the present day. 

In a statement, MGM and Lythgoe said the remake would “expose the gritty struggle, heartache and pain endured in the search for stardom and the often lofty price paid for success.”

Lythgoe, who is also a judge on talent show So You Think You Can Dance, added: “In my lifetime, I’ve discovered a great many incredibly talented individuals – some have acheived stardom.” 

“Simultaneously, I’ve seen many dreams shattered, egos destroyed and lives changed forever. The end destination may well be fame and fortune, but the road to stardom is littered with broken hearts.” 


“I look forward to stripping away the glitter and glamour and revealing the true mixture of passion, humanity, exhaustion and sacrifice that these richly talented individuals endure on their road to fame.”