Watch Charlie Brooker on A Touch of Cloth – “do the biggest cliché you can, but bigger and sillier”

Working on Channel 4's cop spoof has inoculated me against proper detective series, says Charlier Brooker


What’s the difference between Inspector Morse, Midsomer Murders and The Killing? According to Charlie Brooker, not a lot.


“When you watch a load of scenes from different shows back to back, A: it becomes very funny, and B: you realise that basically all these shows are the same thing,” says Brooker in a video interview about his new spoof crime drama A Touch of Cloth.

“The scenes of crime dramas are all basically the same. A character walking up and giving a load of exposition, someone looking sadly at a body – lots of little stupid things you notice,” he explains.

In the video, Brooker talks about how he used Airplane and Messiah as inspiration for the first comedy two-parter; there’s also a chance to catch a sneak peek of some of the clips from the show.

“I wanted to do something that was just stupid, just gloriously stupid,” he says.

Watch the full interview below:


A Touch of Cloth series one is available on DVD now.