Gas men, dirty videos and European aristocrats – it’s the best bits of Bottom

Rik and Ade will be back with a new series next year - but in the meantime, enjoy some classic moments from the BBC sitcom

Since the news broke that Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson will be reuniting next year for Hooligan’s Island, which will effectively be a fourth series of Bottom, the web’s gone positively gaga.


Twitter users are “totally psyched” and “can’t wait” for the new series, with the mood perhaps being best summed up by Viz comic, who greeted the announcement by tweeting: “F****** get in!”

Thing is, it’s not hard to understand why people are so thrilled at the prospect of seeing Richie and Eddie back together again. To spare you a lot of windy argument, Bottom’s a comedy classic which brought tons of joy to an entire generation of viewers and stands up as well today as it did when it was first broadcast.

So, seeing as it’s Friday and everyone’s talking about Bottom at the mo, why not kick back and enjoy some of the show’s best bits all over again…

(Be warned, though, some of these clips involve sex, violence, saucy language and bad wigs. If those sort of things offend you, you’d probably be best off not to view them.)


The show’s second ever episode sees the Hammersmith-dwelling losers stealing their neighbour’s gas supply and, in turn, being visited by a meter reader from the Gas Board. As they’ve got every single gas-powered appliance in the flat on at full blast when he calls, Richie tries to give Eddie some time to hide the evidence by engaging the Gas Man in an intriguing doorstep exchange…

2. Lily Linneker’s Love Bureau

After failing to “pull the birds” with pheromone spray in Bottom’s first series, the boys decide to visit a dating agency in the second. Predictably, this doesn’t go too well, though Richie’s bare-faced lying about his background does manage to get him a date. Eddie gets a match too, but as he’s a “respectable man,” he won’t agree to a rendezvous with Sarah Ferguson…

3. Swedish Legends in Blackcurrant Jam

With nothing else to do with their Sunday morning, Richie and Eddie decide to settle in to watch some dirty videos Eddie has rented, in this series one episode. However, the bespectacled film fan’s got a bit mixed up, and been misinformed about the amount of erotic content in films entitled Big Jugs and The Furry Honeypot Adventure:

4. Should traffic wardens be armed?

After burglarising a BBC camera during a Hammersmith riot in this series three episode, Richie decides to launch a bid for TV stardom by making his own prime time current affairs discussion programme. Shooting the pilot doesn’t go too well however, and Richie ends up face down in the worst place in the flat…

5. Bedroom naughtiness

So, it’s finally happened: Richie’s got a girl (albeit an eccentric European aristocrat) into his bedroom for a spot of hanky panky. At long, long last he’s all set to finally, in his words, “doo-ooo-ooo it!” But alas, things don’t go well for the greasy-haired would-be lothario…


If you’ve got a favourite Bottom moment not covered here, don’t keep it to yourself – let us know in the comments below.