Films on TV Tonight, Friday 24 August

Sit back and enjoy a host of modern greats, including Notting Hill, Die Hard 2, Vicky Cristina Barcelona and The Social Network


The Social Network – 8:00pm, Sky Movies Modern Greats


Fact-based drama about the birth of Facebook, starring Jesse Eisenberg as famed entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg who originally created the site in order to prank his ex-girlfriend. Justin Timberlake and Spiderman’s Andrew Garfield also appear.

Notting Hill – 9:00pm, ITV2

Romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts as Anna Scott, the Hollywood superstar charmed by the bumbling Britishness of a recently divorced bookshop owner (Hugh Grant). But their relationship becomes rocky when Anna’s celebrity status leads to unwanted media attention. 

Die Hard 2 – 9:00pm, E4

Action thriller sequel sees Bruce Willis embroiled in a bloody struggle as he arrives to pick up his wife from an airport to find a group of terrorists have taken control of the terminal.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona – 9:00pm, More4

Woody Allen’s romantic comedy, in which American tourists Scarlett Johansson and Rebecca Hall encounter a seductive painter whilst on holiday in Spain.

We Own the Night – 10:35pm, ITV1

Crime drama sees Brooklyn night club manager Joaquin Phoenix put in a difficult position when his police officer father (Robert Duvall) and brother (Mark Wahlberg) become involved in a conflict with ruthless gangsters, most of whom are his loyal customers. 

The Fog – 11:00pm, ITV4


Horror flick sees the ghosts of drowned mariners return to a small Californian fishing town in a lethal swathe of fog, in order to exact revenge for their deaths. Starring Adrienne Barbeau, Hal Holbrook and Jamie Lee Curtis.