The Revolution Will Be Televised, BBC3 – video preview

Take a look at a funny new prank show with a sharp political edge

Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein, the stars of BBC3’s The Revolution Will Be Televised, are not quite the new Dom Joly and not quite the new Mark Thomas – their hidden-camera comedy is somewhere in between, mixing rank stupidity with solid facts about hypocrisy and injustice.


Their chief weapon is sheer cojones. The stunts in tonight’s opening episode involve the pair risking arrest, a beating or worse, several times. They pester policemen in the middle of a riot, attempt to scale the front gates of MI6’s London HQ and, in the best sketch, demonstrate that Tony Blair’s London mansion is not as closely guarded as it’s cracked up to be.

The show’s motivation is a raft of very 21st-century travesties, from MPs’ outrageous expenses claims and big corporate tax avoiders, to profiteering energy companies and state-sanctioned torture.

That sounds worthy and dry, but Prowse and Rubinstein are anything but po-faced. Check out this sketch where their fake BBC3 news programme BBCOMGWTF throws some red-carpet curveballs, including asking Cheryl Cole for the meaning of human existence:

Finally, this nicely acted running sketch features a lily-livered Lib Dem and a nasty-but-dim Tory, whose uneasy coalition takes them to the Lib Dem conference in Newcastle. Will Vince Cable get them a coffee?


The Revolution Will Be Televised begins tonight on BBC3 at 10pm