Red Dwarf X episode titles revealed

Returning sci-fi sitcom's titles hint at possible connections with the show's past

In news that’ll drive conspiratorially-minded Red Dwarf fans wild, actor Robert Llewellyn has revealed the episode titles for the show’s upcoming tenth series.


Writing on his blog, Llewellyn, who plays Kryten in the sci-fi sitcom, joked that he’d been “watching the new series of Red Dwarf in a secure cold-war bunker under the M4” before posting a list of the returning comedy’s episode names.

As well as a show called Dear Dave, whose title suggests it will be focused on Red Dwarf’s curry-loving slob Dave Lister, the series will be concluded with an episode intriguingly entitled The Beginning. The very first episode of Red Dwarf series one was called The End, so could the season finale’s title perhaps hint at things being brought full-circle for the show…?

Whatever the case, here’s the list of titles and the order in which Llewellyn says the episodes will be screened:

1 – Trojan

2 – Fathers and Suns

3 – Lemons

4 – Entanglement

5 – Dear Dave

6 – The Beginning

Commenting on the quality of the new series, the actor said: “I could try and be all self-deprecating and depressed because I don’t want to raise your hopes too much, but I just can’t do that. Red Dwarf X is way better than I ever dared hope.”


While the show doesn’t yet have an official air-date, Llewellyn says that it’ll be on screens “soon, well, Octoberish.”