Doctor Who – is this brand new series seven trailer the most revealing yet?

More Daleks, more dinosaurs, more Weeping Angels, plus a heartfelt conversation about Amy's farewell and an enjoyable snippet of River Song...

Well, this is quite possibly the juiciest Doctor Who series seven trailer yet, featuring more Daleks, more dinosaurs, more Angels and a heartfelt conversation between the Doctor and Amy Pond about her impending departure…


“You’re thinking of stopping, aren’t you, you and Rory?” the Doctor asks Amy.

“The travelling has started to feel like running away,” she admits.

River Song also reappears, apparently much to the Doctor’s delight.

“You’ve just changed the future!” cries the Time Lord excitedly.

“It’s called marriage, honey,” replies River drily.

The trailer is from BBC America, which will show the first episode, Asylum of the Daleks, less than six hours after it premieres on BBC1 a week from Saturday at 7:20pm.

Amy and Rory (aka Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill) are set to leave the show at the end of episode five, the last adventure to air before the Christmas special, which will introduce new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman.


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