“Save the Daleks!” – see the new Doctor Who teaser

Watch a disconcerting snippet from series seven opener Asylum of the Daleks - plus, a full run down of the first five episode titles

If there’s nothing more terrifying than the sound of a Dalek screaming “Exterminate!” there’s very little more disconcerting than a whole phalanx of them begging “Save the Daleks!”


OK, “begging” may be slightly too strong a word (“demanding” is probably more correct when it comes to Daleks) but it certainly seems as if the assembled hordes are asking the Doctor for help as he, Amy and Rory find themselves in the eponymous Asylum of the Daleks. Watch the trailer for the series seven opener below.

Meanwhile, titles have been confirmed for each of the first five episodes, which will air before the Christmas special. Following Asylum are Dinosaurs on a Spaceship – which looks set to do pretty much what it says on the tin – the western-themed A Town Called Mercy, the The Power of Three and finally The Angels Take Manhattan, which not only marks Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill’s farewell but also seems to be Steven Moffat’s cheeky reference to Gillan’s recent BBC4 drama about 60s supermodel Jean Shrimpton, We’ll Take Manhattan.


Series seven of Doctor Who is “coming soon” to BBC1, with a widely rumoured air date of Saturday 1 September.