Homeland season two – trailer

Is there a way back for Claire Danes's Carrie? Can Damian Lewis's Brody really bring America down from the inside? Nothing is revealed here...


Ever since the critically acclaimed first series of Homeland ended earlier this year, fans have been asking – how do you follow THAT!?


Well, the new trailer for series two doesn’t shed a great deal of light on the matter…

Set to the haunting soundtrack of Belgian all-girl choir Scala‘s cover of Every Breath You Take (also used to promote Downton Abbey), it’s a minute and a half of frustratingly vague snippets of key cast members doing stuff. 

As we know the show enjoys the flashback device, so what’s happening after the events of series one, and what’s being revealed to us from the past is not clear.

However, we can be sure that at some point Claire Danes’s character Carrie dyed her hair and wore different coloured contact lenses, that Damian Lewis’s Brody appears to have entered politics (and continues to look into the middle distance evilly) and that everyone else looks pretty damn worried about the pair. 

There’s burning American flags and dodgy backroom deals going down. What does all this mean… well if it was clear, it wouldn’t be Homeland, right?

Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be another rough ride…

Homeland’s executive producer Alex Gansa also recently hinted to fans that the show might not necessarily follow a linear time-line during its second series. He said: ‘We have the ability now to jump time between seasons – so don’t be surprised if we don’t pick up the very next day.”


The show’s second series will begin airing on Showtime in the States on Thursday 30 September, and will air in the UK on Channel 4 at this autumn.