X Factor 2012 – Forget Nicole Scherzinger, it’s Chico-ry Time!

TV Dinners: But it could so easily have been Leona Stew-is, Alexandra Turkey or Stacy Salmonon, with Poached Pear Lloyd to finish...


RadioTimes.com’s TV Dinners series is designed to test your culinary mettle, whilst taking inspiration from some of your favourite television shows. From a modern take on Betty’s Coronation Street hot pot to a trip back in time to gorge yourself whilst sampling the delights of Downton Abbey, or perhaps a slice of the supermodel lifestyle to eat along with BINTM – each time the culinary magicians at Sous Chef will devise a new and exciting recipe for you to try…


As a child, life is punctuated by a cycle of events: the start of new school years, the countdown to Christmas, end-of-term sports days – and the unfurling of a long summer holiday before it starts again.  But as a working adult, it’s easy to lose track of time, and let summers, birthdays…decades fly past without noticing.

But then there’s that one unavoidable event thrust upon the nation every year, which is a sure-fire way of marking the passing of time – The X Factor. Yes, it’s come round again, already! Write-off your Saturday evenings from now until Christmas and tune into ITV at 8pm for the familiar fanfare of Carmina Burana as Simon’s slightly-tweaked group of judges (“Pussycat” Nicole Scherzinger instead of “Child” Kelly Rowland) strut downstage and take their seats, ready to separate the wailers and crooners from those with half a hope.

If, like us, you think with your stomach, then the most important question is not whether Tulisa or Nicole will be showing more leg, or whether Louis’ tan will be more teak or mahogany – but what to eat during this evening-long event each week.

We’ve given it a lot of thought, and were torn between a main of Leona Stew-is, Alexandra Turkey or Stacy Salmonon, with Poached Pear Lloyd to finish, or maybe a plate of Frankie Cookie-ozas to share. But in the end, we decided to dedicate this week’s TV dinner to our all-time favourite X Factor contestant, the Moroccan goat herder from series two, who was voted out in the quarter finals after a dodgy rendition of the Time Warp. Yes, you’ve guessed it….

…It’s Chico-ry Time!

Chicory, gorgonzola, and honey salad recipe

Serves 2


2 chicory, red or white

75g gorgonzola or dolcelatte, cut into small cubes

1 pear

50g walnuts, roughly chopped

2tbsp Huilerie Beaujolaise honey vinegar

1tbsp delicate good quality olive oil  


  1. Cut the base of the chicory, separate the leaves and wash in ice cold water. Pat dry and arrange the leaves on the plate.
  2. Core the pears, and slice lengthways. Toss in honey vinegar.
  3. Arrange the slivers of pears, roughly chopped walnuts and cubes of blue cheese on top of the chicory leaves.
  4. Pour over the rest of the honey vinegar and drizzle with olive oil.

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