Is Benedict Cumberbatch heading for Downton Abbey?

After the Sherlock star called his period drama "f***ing atrocious", Julian Fellowes is ready to forgive, and keen to work with the actor in the future...

It’s been a turbulent week for Benedict Cumberbatch – after bemoaning the “posh-bashing” he’s had to put up with, he then called series two of popular ITV1 drama Downton Abbey “f***ing atrocious”, a move ill-received by Julian Fellowes’ legions of fans who branded him a “Cumberbitch”.


But the Downton don is not one to be easily riled and has since reassured his adoring public that he doesn’t bear the Sherlock and Parade’s End actor any ill-will, telling the Telegraph:

“I have known Ben since he was a little boy and I couldn’t be fonder of him. He has turned out to be a marvellous actor and I will certainly watch Parade’s End, which has a wonderful cast and, in Tom Stoppard, a brilliant writer.”

In response to Cumberbatch’s barbed comments, he reasoned, “I am quite sure what Ben said has been taken out of context and do not at all reflect Ben’s real feelings. The popularity of Downton and Ben’s series Sherlock and, hopefully, Parade’s End are all part of a surge of interest in television drama which can only be good news for all of us.”

So with that sunny outlook, can Fellowes find it in his heart to extend the olive branch and offer Benedict a role in his critically acclaimed period drama? Well, let’s just say the signs look good…

“I very much hope that we will work together in the future,” he says. Oh, please say it’s so!


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