Films on TV Tonight, Friday 17 August

Enjoy a night of award-winning blockbusters including The Hurt Locker and Hitchcock's classic, The Birds

Puss in Boots – 8:00pm, Sky Movies Premiere


Animated comedy spin-off from the Shrek films sees the return of Puss in Boots (still voiced by the fantastic Antonio Banderas) in a swash-buckling adventure of action, romance and plenty of cat puns. 

The Hurt Locker – 9:00pm, More4

Oscar-winning thriller in which two US bomb disposal experts (Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty), on their last 38 days of duty, are assigned a new leader (Jeremy Renner) whose reckless methods put them in perpetual danger.

The 40 Year Old Virgin – 9:00pm, ITV2

Comedy in which a middle-aged man (Steve Carell) ill-advisedly reveals his lack of sexual experience prompting his work colleagues’ attempts to help rectify matters.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – 9:00pm, BBC2

Drama sees young Bruno (Asa Butterfield) moved from his hometown in Nazi Germany to live next-door to his father David Thewlis’ place of work, a concentration camp. Blind to the true horrors of the camp, he befriends a boy his own age through the fence.

Out of Sight – 10:35pm, ITV1

Romantic crime drama starring George Clooney as a bank robber who escapes from prison in order to carry out one last heist, but an encounter with US Marshal Jennifer Lopez leads to unexpected romance.

The Birds – 11:05pm, ITV3


Classic Hitchcock chiller based on the short story by Daphne du Maurier, in which a flock of birds terrorise a coastal community in California after a visitor brings a pair of lovebirds to the town.