Films on TV Tonight, Thursday 16 August

Choose from an eclectic mix of romance, horror and thrills, including Patrick Swayze in Ghost and Matt Damon's reappearance in The Bourne Supremacy.

A Cinderella Story – 7:00pm, ITV2           


Romantic comedy starring Hilary Duff as the downtrodden teenager who, longing to escape the wrath of her evil stepfamily, encounters a handsome stranger (Chad Michael Murray) who might just turn her life around.

How She Move – 7:15pm Film4

Dance drama sees medical student (Rutina Wesley) attempt to rekindle her dancing youth as she enters a competition with a local street-dancing team, hoping to fund her education with the hefty cash prize. 

Ghost – 8:00pm, Sky Drama/Romance

Star-studded romantic fantasy featuring Patrick Swayze as the ghost of a murdered man who uses a psychic (hilarious Whoopi Goldberg) to help his girlfriend (Demi Moore) hunt down his killer.

Frozen – 9:00pm, Film4

Suspense-filled thriller about three skiers left dangling on a chairlift as it ascends a New England mountain, starring Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell and Kevin Zegers.

The Bourne Supremacy – 9:00pm, Sky Crime/Thriller

Action thriller sequel sees the return of Matt Damon as the amnesiac assassin on the run from a past he cannot remember.

Thirst – 10:50pm, Film4


In this vampire horror flick do-gooder Priest Sang-hyeon offers himself as a test-subject for a vaccine, but the procedure goes horribly wrong and he is transformed into a bloodthirsty, nymphomaniac vampire.