Celebrity Big Brother 10: Meet MC Harvey

A penchant for female singers has got the former So Solid Crew member into trouble, but also gifted him with a lovely three-year-old daughter

Name: Michael “MC” Harvey


Age: 33

Famous for: about 21 seconds


Remember So Solid Crew’s Romeo from the last CBB? Well here’s another one (and if you’re not too familiar with the UK garage/grime scene, MC Harvey is not Scottish but actually a “Master of Ceremonies” or rapper).

Former non-league footballer Harvey was a founder member of the music collective – whose biggest hit 21 Seconds reached number one in 2001 – and also had a bit of a music career of his own before very slightly taking up acting.

He has a penchant for lady vocalists, having married Alesha Dixon – then an MC herself in girl group Mis-Teeq – before splitting with her following an affair with singer Javine “Javine” Hylton later that year.

Harvey once claimed he’d had a fling with Cheryl Cole, too, to which Cheryl replied “Are you smoking something?”

Harvey says Angel, his daughter with Javine, has changed his life: “She’s the love of my life and is teaching me so much.” So, getting lessons from a three-year-old, eh Harvey? Hope you can keep up.


Bonus Harvey fact: his dad is Michael Harvey Snr, aka former Gladiator Bullit. Respect.