The Benedict Cumberbatch issue: “I’ve punched above my weight this year”

The Sherlock and Parade's End star tells Radio Times about over-indulgence in LA, overnight fame and over-selling his looks...

The new issue of Radio Times magazine is on sale now, and this week’s cover star is Britain’s hottest export in years, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch. Ahead of BBC2’s new period drama Parade’s End, in which Cumberbatch also plays the lead, the actor gave RT an extensive and revealing interview.   


Here’s just a taster of what Benedict Cumberbatch had to say about…

…life in LA: “There’s much more drinking and partying going on than I thought there would be… over-indulgence, recreational drug use, everything. It’s paradise!”

…his big break: “I had my opportunities to do commercial stuff before Sherlock. I’ve just chosen, very specifically, to do what I do.”

…overnight fame: “I remember being really quite scared at the Twitter thing… It was just, like, ‘Whoa, the whole world is suddenly interested and a bit obsessed.’”

…his pin-up potential: “If you put me in line with Brad and George… you do kind of go, ‘Lovely, yes. Handsome, yes. Oh, strange-looking guy. Next…’”

…his break-up: ”As much as people have conjectured, ‘Oh, it’s typical, it’s the first love being done over,’ well no, of course it’s f***ing not.”

…his current love life: “I’ve punched well above my weight this year…”

…new BBC2 drama Parade’s End: “People may think, ‘Well why would he want to do that, because it’s nothing like Sherlock.’ But that’s exactly why.”


Read the full revealing interview in the new issue of Radio Times magazine, on sale now, and get a chance to meet the stars of Sherlock at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. Plus, The X Factor’s Louis Walsh on his fellow judges, MasterChef’s Gregg Wallace on the family history that made him cry and your chance to win the RT Great British Bake Off!