Danny Boyle announces DVD film of London 2012 Opening Ceremony

The Slumdog Millionaire director "hopes to make things clearer" in a feature-length version of his Olympics opener

When Danny Boyle opened London 2012 with an explosive extravaganza featuring everyone from Rowan Atkinson and Sir Paul McCartney to James Bond and a parachuting Queen Elizabeth II, it was hailed as a roaring success. And now viewers will have the chance to watch it on repeat as the Slumdog Millionaire director has confirmed plans for a DVD release of the Opening Ceremony.


Seen by a UK TV audience of 27 million, the showcase got the London 2012 Olympic Games off to a flying start, but inevitably some subtleties were lost in the generally melee of the live show and Boyle says he “hopes to make clearer” some of the cultural references to DVD viewers.

The director has promised to provide a more comprehensive view of the night’s different segments, and plans to keep the film clips used in the show, such as Ken Loach’s Kes, Gregory’s Girl and Boyle’s own 1996 cult classic Trainspotting, according to The Guardian.


The feature-length version of the Opening Ceremony will include an edited down athletes’ entry procession, but will retain the night’s live DJ set and the pop montage that has since sailed to the top of the iTunes store album chart. A release date for the DVD is yet to be confirmed.