BBC1 commissions a TV pilot of Jason Byrne’s Father Figure

The stand-up comedian is "delighted" his BBC Radio 2 comedy is to be turned into a television sitcom


BBC1 has commissioned a pilot of Father Figure – a post-watershed audience sitcom, written by and starring stand-up comedian Jason Byrne.


Byrne will play Tom, a married father figure trying to be the best dad he can to his two sons. But bad luck and extended family, in the form of Pauline McLynn (Father Ted), Michael Smiley (Luther) and Dermot Crowley (Bleak House), are always upsetting his best intentions.

Father Figure will be an in-house production from the BBC and filming will begin in early 2013. The show has already achieved critical and audience acclaim in its original format as a comedy series on BBC Radio 2.

Controller of UK Comedy Production at the BBC, Mark Freeland, said: “I have followed Jason Byrne for years and he has made me laugh my hair off many, many times. I am thrilled that we are capturing his stand-up verve in a wonderful new sitcom pilot.”

Jason Byrne added: “I am delighted to finally announce that we will be making a pilot of my sitcom Father Figure. It’s been a big dream of mine and I’d never have thought I would get the chance to join the ranks of the television sitcom world.

“The characters all come from real life and the outrageous situations Tom gets into have, more often than not, actually happened to me. The people in my life will never realise that it’s them I’m writing about, unless my wife and two sons, mother, father and best mate ever watch it.


“Let’s hope that by this time next year, the words ‘Father Figure’ roll of the tongues of thousands.”