The Simpsons celebrate the London 2012 Olympics in The D’oh-cial Network

British viewers can watch Patty and Selma race Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss down the Thames this Sunday on Sky1

An Olympic-themed episode of The Simpsons in which Marge’s distinctly unathletic chain-smoking twin sisters Patty and Selma row their way down the Thames will air in Britain this weekend.


The special edition of the show sees the gruesome twosome racing American rowers the Winklevoss twins down the London river, passing the likes of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament as they go.  The Winklevii competed for the US in the Beijing Olympics, but are equally well known for their 2004 legal battle with Mark Zuckerberg in which they claimed that the Internet billionaire stole their idea and used it as the foundation of Facebook. 

Actor Armie Hammer, who portrayed the Winklevoss brothers, in the 2010 film The Social Network, voices the pair again in the episode, punningly entitled The D’oh-cial Network.

And in a move bound to please viewers in light of his recent gold-medal success, during in the race the Winklevosses sprout Bradley Wiggins-style sideburns in tribute to the British cyclist.

The episode aired in the States earlier this year and will be broadcast in the UK at 6:00pm on Sky 1 this Sunday.


This isn’t the first time that residents of Springfield have visited the capital, as the Simpson family also swung by to take tea with Tony Blair in an episode called The Regina Monologues in 2003.