Boris Johnson left dangling during Olympic stunt

The London Mayor got stuck halfway along a zip line at an event in the capital’s Victoria Park


In the end, it didn’t quite match up to the James Bond parachute jump viewers were reminded of during the Olympic opening ceremony last week. Yes, it was an aerial stunt of sorts and, yes, Boris Johnson was clutching several Union flags about his person at the time, but 007 never got stuck on the way down…


The London Mayor found himself dangling 20 feet above Hackney’s Victoria Park after a zip line at a BT Live event malfunctioned and left him hanging. Fortunately, numerous spectators had the presence of mind and charity to reach for their cameras and record the moment for posterity (while Boris called for a rope or a ladder to help him get down). 

Poor Boris – this never happened to the other fella…


(Photo by @lilswetherald via Twitter)