Films on TV Today, Sunday 29 July

The Daleks are the stars of Doctor Who's big-screen debut before Demi Moore is propositioned by Robert Redford in Indecent Proposal

Doctor Who and the Daleks – 12:35pm, Channel 5


The Doctor’s archenemies the Daleks crop up again in his first big-screen outing starring Peter Cushing as the famous time-traveller who crash-lands on a strange planet after a Tardis malfunction. The Doctor and his young companions join forces with the Thals, a kindly people threatened by the shrieks of “Exterminate”.  

Vertigo – 9:00pm, ITV3

A Hitchcock great, starring James Stewart as San Francisco detective “Scottie” Ferguson whose fear of heights prompts his resignation from the force. After accepting a commission to follow an old friend’s suicidal wife (Kim Novak), he finds himself falling in love with his mysterious charge.

Indecent Proposal – 11:00pm, Channel 4

Dream team Robert Redford, Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson star in this drama about David and Diana Murphy who travel to Las Vegas in the hope of gambling their way out of financial difficulty. Once there they meet eccentric millionaire John Gage who offers the couple a million dollars to spend one night with Diana. But will they accept his request?

Midnight Run – 11:00pm, ITV4

Robert De Niro takes centre stage in this comedy thriller as Jack Walsh – a Bounty hunter who sets out to bring Jonathan “The Duke” Mardukas to justice for a $100,000 fee. But the wanted man embezzled fifteen million dollars from the Mafia and has more than one party on his tail, so Walsh must embark on a saga of trains, car crashes and skirmishes with the FBI to claim his prize.

Whisky – 12:55am, Film4

Uruguayan rom-com drama boasting a deliciously deadpan study of sibling envy, unrequited loyalty and late-life disappointment. Jacobo, the ageing owner of a sock factory in the coastal resort of Piriapolis, enlists his dowdy assistant to pose as his wife and impress his younger, more successful brother, Herman.

The Player – 1:45am, Sky Movies Modern Greats


Magnificent Hollywood satire about a paranoid film studio executive (Tim Robbins) whose ruthless work ethic spurns a series of embittered colleagues. Featuring cameos from a roster of stars, including Julia Roberts, Bruce Willis, Andie MacDowell and Cher, this cynical script scores with every biting turn.