Smeggin’ hell! It’s the new trailer for Red Dwarf X

See the first teaser for the sci-fi sitcom's comeback series - and let us know what you think...

Turn down that Rastabilly Skank for a minute and check this out, buds: it’s the first trailer for Red Dwarf X (coming soon to Dave). And happily, judging by the 50 seconds of footage on display here, the show’s comeback season looks like it’s going to be pretty good fun. Here, have a watch:


As hard as it is to make snap judgements based on a sliver of material like this, I’ve got a pretty good feeling about this new series.

Firstly, the show looks like classic Red Dwarf again, all cramped and grimy in contrast to the bright and airy filmic sheen Dwarf adopted for its last three seasons.

The jokes on display here are both genuinely funny and really well-delivered (which might have something to do with the presence of a studio audience for the first time since series six) and the plots hinted at in the trailer seem like they’ve got scope for lots of laughs too.

Also, contrary to their self-deprecating comments in the press, the cast look fine despite the passage of time. Danny John-Jules in particular doesn’t seem to have aged a day (though that might be down to the dazzling effect of his new Little Richard-esque wig).

So, while it’s hard to get a “feel” for a show based on such a short video, it seems as though the new Red Dwarf is going for the laid-back, light-hearted approach of its early seasons rather than the heavy drama/comedy stylings of Back to Earth and series seven and eight – which, to my mind, is fan-smegging-tastic.


But what do you think? The trailer appears to have polarised fans around the net, with some people really looking forward to the new series and others berating Red Dwarf’s makers for flogging a dead horse. Post a comment and let’s hear your thoughts…