Ab Fab – going for gold

As Eddy and Patsy take on the Olympics, Ellie Walker-Arnott looks back at her favourite Ab Fab episodes

Crack open the Bolly! Tonight on BBC1, Notting Hill’s beloved comedy duo are gracing our screens for an Absolutely Fabulous special dedicated to Olympic size mishaps and hilarity. Cue disastrous attempts to get fit and a priceless scene where Patsy lights her cigarette from the Olympic flame…


Eddy and Patsy have charmed the nation ever since they first staggered onto our screens in 1992. Over the last few months – after six sad years without them – we’ve been spoiled with three specials and a cameo Sport Relief appearance.

Though hard-core fans have their fingers crossed for the movie rumours to materialise, tonight could be the last EVER episode – so pour yourself a “little drinky”, sit down and enjoy thirty whole minutes of gold-medal-standard Ab Fab laughs, okay, sweedie daaahling?

Five fabulous Ab Fab episodes  

1. “Sweedie dahling, mummy’s home!”

Eddy and Patsy first burst onto our TV screens 20 years ago. Ab Fab’s pilot episode sees our beloved Eddy spectacularly fall out of a taxi for the first (of many) times. Eddy promises Saffy she’ll stop drinking and then gets hoorendously drunk at her fashion show. Saffy waits up for Eddy only to slam the door in her face when she arrives home. (Series 1, Fashion)

2. “If you’ve got a second, dahling, could you adopt me a romanian baby?… Just send over a selection. I’ll pick one.”

After Bubble mysteriously turns into an efficient assistant, Eddy finds herself with nothing to do. When Saffy refuses to let her go to her College open day, Eddy has a hilarious tantrum, saying “Dahling, if you don’t let me come I’m going to adopt a Romanian baby.” Saffy gives in and lets Eddy come to the open day where hundreds of Romanian babies start arriving… (Series 1, Isolation tank)

3. “Nothing like a good old sex scandal..”

Patsy ends up on the front page after having an affair with an MP – and to make matters worse she’s listed as being 47 years old. After deciding to sell her story to Hello! magazine, she and Eddy head to a private hospital. Eddy thinks she needs surgery to cure a pain in her toe while Patsy decides to go under the knife so she looks young for her kiss-and-tell interview. (Series 2, Hospital)

4.”Is it a bee?”

While Saffy is directing her autobiographical play, Self Raising Flower, Eddy and Patsy hear a bee, which in fact turns out to be Eddy’s mobile phone. (Series 4, Small Opening) 

5. “Darling, being gay is the best excuse you’ll ever have not to be boring!”

Eddy heads to New York to be reunited with her long-lost gay son Serge, only to find that he is the US equivalent of Saffy. She decides to adopt his boyfriend instead. (Gay, 2002 special) 

Which are your favourite Ab Fab episodes or scenes? Post a comment below and let us know…


Absolutely Fabulous is on BBC One tonight at 9:30pm. Watch a preview of tonight’s Olympic Ab Fab episode: