Films on TV Today, Sunday 22 July

Renée Zellweger in Bridget Jones's Diary, Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep in the Manchurian Candidate re-make, plus the original Clash of the Titans

Krull – 12:25pm Channel 5


A bit of nostalgia for children of the 80s in this fun fantasy about a prince who sets out to find a magical weapon (yes, that five-pronged boomerang thing) and save his fiance from the clutches of The Beast, aided by a band of thieves, a wise old hermit, a bumbling wizard and a mysterious Cyclops.

Clash of the Titans – 2:55pm, Channel 5

Channel 5 completes a double bill of 80s fantasy action as Harry Hamlin’s Perseus takes on Ray Harryhausen’s stop-go creations, including a two-headed dog, the deadly Gorgon Medusa and the horrifying giant sea monster known as the Kraken.

Brief Encounter – 5:15pm, Film4

Classic romantic drama starring an outstanding Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard, about a chance encounter in a railway station that leads to an illicit love affair between happily married Laura Jesson and Dr Alec Harvey.

The Manchurian Candidate – 9:00pm, Sky Movies Crime & Thriller

Re-make of the 1962 original, matching the standard of its predecessor with Denzel Washington taking on the role of tormented US Army major Ben Marco, who unwittingly becomes the key in a complex political conspiracy when a member of his patrol makes a bid for the White House.

Role Models – 10:00pm, Channel 4

Paul Rudd and Seam William Scott’s crude teenage comedy about energy-drink salesmen Danny and Wheeler who are involved in a driving accident and receive 150 hours of community service caring for difficult youngsters.

Bridget Jones’s Diary – 10:45pm, ITV2

Renée Zellweger plays Britain’s favourite singleton, beset by comic attempts to overhaul her lifestyle and caught in a bizarre love triangle with dapper duo Hugh Grant and Colin Firth.

Internal Affairs – 11:55pm, Channel 4

Gripping thriller starring Richard Gere and Andy Garcia about Dennis Peck – an LA police officer who launders money, runs scams and even arranges murders, before his corrupt reign is challenged by internal affairs investigator, Raymond Avilla.

Sparkle – 12:00am, BBC2


Romantic comedy about Sam Sparks, an ambitious young Liverpudlian who moves to London to seek his fortune with his wannabe singer mother but ends up falling in love with his PR boss’s estranged daughter.