Jumanji reboot in the pipeline

Columbia Pictures boss reveals plans are afoot to re-imagine and update the popular '90s family film


Get ready for a whole new generation of kids to start fleeing in terror whenever you reach for the Monopoly board – there’s a Jumanji remake in the pipeline.


Jumanji was one of 1995’s blockbuster summer holiday flicks, telling the tale of a group of youngsters who play an ancient jungle-themed board game and unwittingly release herds of ferocious animals (and a bearded Robin Williams) into the real world.

It was massively popular at the time, earning over $260m globally, and even inspired this joke on The Simpsons:


Columbia Pictures president Doug Belgrad told The Hollywood Reporter “We’re going to try and reimagine Jumanji and update it for the present.”

Whether this “update” will see the original’s board and dice replaced by an ageing NES cartridge (for instance) remains to be seen, but one way or another Jumanji’s coming back.

Besides Robin Williams, the original starred Bonnie Hunt, Bradley Pierce and a young Kirsten Dunst in one of her first big-screen roles. If you fancy a reminder, here’s the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyYGcIVWx4Q


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