The Dark Knight Rises breaks box office records for advance ticket sales

Fans on both sides of the pond are gagging for the new Batman movie and shelling out millions on advance tickets


It might be July, but today feels a little like Christmas Eve. Why? Because, kids, there’s only one more sleep ‘til Batman…


Yes, The Dark Knight Rises opens theatrically both here and in the States tomorrow and to say that audiences are fired up about the movie is, frankly, a bit of an understatement.

In fact, cinemagoers on both sides of the pond are chomping at the bit to get in and see the film at the earliest opportunity, and absolutely shed-loads of advance tickets to screenings of Christopher Nolan’s new Batman movie have already been sold here and abroad.

The film’s earned an estimated $25m in advance ticket sales in America, and The Hollywood Reporter suggests that it’s on course to smash box office records and earn an unprecedented $185m to $195m over the weekend.

Warner Brothers won’t be the only people to profit over the first few days of the film’s release, though, as reports are beginning to emerge that touts are charging eager American Bat-fans up to $100 per ticket for opening night screenings.

Here in Blighty, Rises has broken all previous records at London’s BFI IMAX, selling 62,300 advance tickets and selling out 43 screenings of the film at the high-tech cinema.

“People are even flying in from abroad especially to see the film at BFI IMAX,” said the cinema’s General and Technical manager Dennis Laws, who also called The Dark Knight Rises “an unmissable event this summer.”

In fact, the IMAX has already sold more than £1m worth of tickets, while the Vue cinema chain expects to have taken the same in advance sales by close of play tonight.

Vue has so far taken over £750,000 in advance bookings, and half of the tickets sold are for screenings on opening day – so get ready for packed houses if you’re one of the many people heading off to see the film tomorrow night.

Despite some critics chiding the film for being too lengthy, the early signs are that Rises should prove to be an intriguing multilayered and exhilarating final chapter in Nolan’s Batman trilogy.


Oh, and if you’re in the mood to see Rises villain Tom Hardy playing another hard-case, Bronson’s on Film 4 tonight at 11:15pm…