Doctor Who action figures perform Lou Reed’s Perfect Day

Yes, you read that right - and it's as weird and wonderful as it sounds...

Doctor Who fans are well aware of the enchanting song of the Ood, and we all know Kylie Minogue can sing a bit, but who knew Davros had a warmth of tone that belied his raspy speaking voice?


The documentary evidence is all here in this video for Lou Reed’s Perfect Day. Filmed by fan Conrad Slater, it’s performed by a cast of several (Doctor Who action figures) including ninth and tenth Doctors Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant, and companions Rose Tyler (modelled on Billie Piper) and Martha Jones (the plastic spit of Freema Agyeman). There are even appearances by the fourth, fifth and sixth Doctors.


The beauty of this mini masterpiece lies in the subtle movements of the figures and the way the different vocals (in the star-studded charity version of the song) are matched with each Who character. It’s a simple idea but, in its own way, absolutely perfect.