Danny DeVito gets his #Trollfoot out for Radio Times

See our exclusive shots of the actor's right foot, which has spawned a cult all of it's own...

Forget Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pecs, Angelina Jolie’s leg and Christina Hendrix’s… pecs, Danny DeVito’s right foot is the hottest celebrity body part in town (or at least on Twitter) right now.


DeVito has won himself a cult following by tweeting photos of the appendage in a variety of settings – entering a swimming pool, next to Big Ben and even in front of a rather horrified looking Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning – along with the rather self-deprecating hashtag #Trollfoot.

But here are some shots even the most dedicated Trollfooters won’t have seen before, exclusively taken by Radio Times during our recent photoshoot with DeVito.


Enjoy them at your leisure, then grab the new issue of Radio Times magazine to read our interview with Danny, in which he discusses growing up in New Jersey, visiting London and the freedom that comes with playing Dr Seuss’s Lorax (“I can fart anytime I want”).