Mickey Rourke and Anthea Turner to be grilled on Terry Tibbs’ chat show

Facejacker's car salesman-turned-TV presenter will be interviewing the two celebs on his new show Verry Terry


Viewers can expect an evening of extremes when they tune into the first edition of Terry Tibbs‘s new chat show.


The shaven-headed spiv made famous by Facejacker will be talking to Hollywood tough-guy Mickey Rourke and TV’s perfect housewife Anthea Turner in the opening episode of Verry Terry (sic), the new talk show hosted by comedian Kayvan Novak from beneath the thick layers of latex and make-up which transform him into Mr Tibbs.

The show will be going out this August as part of Channel 4’s Funny Fortnight, a season of programmes commissioned by head of comedy Shane Allen, who called Terry Tibbs “a brilliant invention”.

He added: “Kayvan is an extremely fertile and versatile character comedian with awesome powers of improvisation…we are delighted to encourage Kayvan’s growth as a major force in British comedy.”

Tibbs first appeared as a voice-only character on Novak’s prank call series Fonejacker before attaining a physical form during the show’s follow-up, Facejacker. He’s since taken on a life of his own, much like Keith Lemon and Brian Butterfield, and turned up on spoof editions of Come Dine with Me and The Secret Millionaire.

Confident about the quality of Verry Terry, Kayvan Novak said: “This show is going to be the bee’s balls.”

See Terry on Come Dine with Me below: