Fifty Shades of Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes adventure A Study in Scarlet is among classic novels given erotic rewrites by a specialist publisher


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle must be turning in his grave at the news that an erotic publisher has hopped aboard the Fifty Shades of Grey bandwagon and transformed his first Sherlock Holmes story A Study in Scarlet into a gay tryst between the detective and his live-in lover Dr Watson.


The risqué re-write by Total-E-Bound sees Dr Watson moving in to 221b Baker Street, “falling in love with Holmes and having his sexual needs attended to in a way he had only previously dreamed about.” 

Racy new scenes (not suitable for reproduction on a family website like are woven into the original text, turning the duo’s crime-solving escapades into a sexually explosive adventure. As the raunchy novel progresses, Watson is thrust into a horrifying murder case while “Holmes does his utmost to make sure [Watson’s] desires are met…”

Sarah Masters, the woman behind the controversial adaptation, said working on the novel was “one week of writing bliss.” 

“I’ve always liked watching Holmes and Watson on TV… to expand their relationship from companions to lovers was exciting, brilliant and one massive ball of fun,” said Masters. “Given the time the original book was written, a gay relationship wouldn’t have been acceptable, but for me the signs were there.”

While Holmes purists may disagree, the book is likely to please many readers – the internet is already awash with fan fiction reflecting on a possible gay relationship between Holmes and Watson, including stories and art featuring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, the stars of BBC1’s Sherlock.

A Study in Scarlet is just one of the books in the series of Clandestine Classics, which promise to lay Jane Eyre bare and reveal what might have happened when Pride and Prejudice’s Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet finally got past the sexual tension and into the bedroom. 


Interested parties will be able to download the novels from 30 July.