Radio Times magazine: Let the Games begin!

Danny Boyle on the biggest first night party on the planet - plus Tom Daley, Doctor Who's Matt Smith, Danny DeVito and much, much more...

We’re gearing up for the Olympics in this week’s Radio Times with a host of features to get you in the mood for this summer’s Games.


Danny Boyle talks about the pressure of creating an opening ceremony to top Beijing’s £64m spectacular and shows us what to expect from the event, while Elbow front-man Guy Garvey describes how his band ended up scoring the BBC’s Olympic soundtrack.

British Olympian Tom Daley opens up about the loss of his father in a moving interview, BBC Sport’s head of events Dave Gordon discusses the preparations for his tenth Olympics at the Beeb, and we tell you how and where to catch every moment of Olympic action this summer.

Also this week:

Doctor Who star Matt Smith joins us to discuss the tumbles into the Thames he had to endure for his role as a bolshie Olympic rower in a new BBC drama, and art historian James Fox explains how the way we see the world was changed by the colours gold, blue and green.

Mitch Winehouse reveals how therapy has helped him to cope with the loss of his daughter Amy a year on from her death, Sarah Millican asks why it should be the case that a girl can’t play Jesus on stage, and diminuitive star of stage and screen Danny DeVito rings up for a chat about his role in new children’s film The Lorax.


Alison Graham shares her love for unrequited on-screen romance, Barry Norman looks back at Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and Julie Walters opens up about sobbing over Jeremy Irons and swooning at Meryl Streep. It’s all in the new issue of Radio Times, available now priced £1.40.