Peter Jackson reveals plans to expand on The Hobbit films

"There are other parts of the story that we’d like to tell, that we haven’t had the chance to tell yet," says the director


Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is hoping to shoot more material about Middle-earth next year in the run up to the release of The Hobbit: There and Back Again.


Whether the director is hoping to produce a new feature film set in JRR Tolkien’s magical universe or not is unclear, but Jackson wants to make some kind of cinematic use of a collection of Tolkien’s notes about The Hobbit.

Speaking at Comic-Con in San Diego, Jackson said: “We have got incredible source material with the appendices.

“There’s the novel, but then we also have the rights to use the 125 pages of additional notes where Tolkien expanded the world of The Hobbit. I’ve been talking to the studio about other things that we haven’t been able to shoot and seeing if we could possibly persuade them to do a few more weeks of shooting.”  

He continued: “We’d probably need more than a few weeks, actually, next year… There are other parts of the story that we’d like to tell, that we haven’t had the chance to tell yet. We’re just trying to have those conversations with the studio, at the moment.

“I don’t know what would come of that, whether it’d be extended editions or whatnot. But those discussions are ongoing.”

In addition to these notes, Tolkien famously wrote an enormous amount of stories about Middle-earth during his lifetime, including the twelve-volume History of Middle-earth book series which his son Christopher edited and released between 1983-96. So there’s no shortage of extra source material out there if Jackson does fancy making another Orc-encrusted big-screen epic…

The first of Jackson’s two Hobbit films, An Unexpected Journey, is due out in UK cinemas on Friday 14 December, with its sequel following in December 2013. See An Unexpected Journey’s trailer below: