Doctor Who to face Dinosaurs on a Spaceship later this year

Steven Moffat reveals titles and details of the first two episodes of series seven


In case the title leaves you in any doubt, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship will indeed see The Doctor “come face to face with some of the most monstrous creatures evolution has ever produced, on some of the most monstrous sets [the show has] ever built.”


“We took one look at Chris Chibnall’s brilliant script and said to ourselves ‘We’re going to need a bigger corridor’,” Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat told attendees at the San Diego Comic-Con convention on Sunday.

Sadly, the episode will not include a guest appearance by Samuel L Jackson, but it will star The Fast Show’s Mark Williams as Rory’s dad, and feature parts for Rupert Graves – aka Sherlock’s Inspector Lestrade – and David Bradley, best known to Harry Potter fans as Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch.

According to Moffat, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship will be the second episode in the new series, following Toby Whithouse’s “full-blooded Western” opener, entitled a Town called Mercy.


Matt Smith isn’t the first Doctor to tackle giant prehistoric lizards – Jon Pertwee’s third Doctor saw them take over London in 1974 story Invasion of the Dinosaurs.