Elwood Blues AKA Dan Aykroyd to present new radio show on Jazz FM

The Blues Mobile will explore the history of the genre as well as serving up the latest blues news


Seeing as his band’s not touring these days, Elwood Blues has signed up with Jazz FM to present a new weekly series charting the history of his favourite musical genre.


Starting this Sunday, the taller, thinner Blues Brother (AKA Canadian comedian Dan Aykroyd) will be fronting The Blues Mobile on the occasionally racy digital station, which Jazz FM’s publicists describe as “a fast paced and humorous romp through the blues.”

As well as looking back through the mists of time, Blues is also going to be dishing up the latest genre news and showcasing music from the note-bending stars of tomorrow as part of the programme.

In his first edition, which kicks off at 2:00pm, Blues is going to do a Gollum via the magic of audio trickery and chat to his alter ego, Dan Akyroyd, about the latter’s life, career and love of the blues. He’ll also be talking to Grammy award-winning bluesman Robbie Robertson about his latest album, a collaboration with Eric Clapton, to round out the show.

Elwood Blues shot to fame in 1980 alongside his brother Jake (aka John Belushi) in the high energy film The Blues Brothers, which featured cameos from a host of real-life blues musicians and the sight of more than 100 cars being wrecked on screen.

After Jake’s death, Elwood re-formed the Blues Brothers band in 2000 alongside Mighty Mack McTeer (John Goodman), though the reunion wasn’t greeted especially warmly by the public.


Check out Elwood on stage with Jake and the original Blues Brothers Band doing what they do best: