Microphone Alone – Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 breakfast show baptism of fire

Incoming host falls victim to a classic Chris Moyles on-air prank less than 24-hours after being announced as his replacement


When Nick Grimshaw replaces Chris Moyles as host of the Radio 1 breakfast show in September, station controller Ben Cooper aims to scrap the current “zoo format”, featuring Moyles and his team’s rambunctious banter – it will just be Grimshaw, in front of the mic, on his own.  


Will it work? Well, this morning notorious prankster Moyles invited his successor into the studio to find out.

Grimshaw arrived on the show expecting a nice introduction to his future workplace. Instead, Moyles and co decided to put Cooper’s lone DJ theory to the test. 

“We’re gonna give you an idea of what it’s gonna be like” said Moyles, as he and his team walked out of the studio, leaving Grimshaw alone with just dead air for company. 

“Hi everyone – everyone’s gone.  This is not a hilarious on-air gag – they’ve actually gone,” he eventually told listeners.

“It’s gonna be me – on my own, for three and a half hours, every day – just me,” he continued, as the realisation apparently began to dawn on him.

Cue more uncomfortable silence, followed by a plea from Grimshaw: “Can you come back now…? Really cool gag.

“Chris, last night in the pub said – ‘come and see me tomorrow morning on the radio, it’ll be really nice, we’ll have a nice morning together on the radio.’

“And this is it – and last night I thought, I probably won’t drink tonight because I’ve got to get up and go on Moyles for the first time… ‘No, have a little drink’ he says – so I did have a little drink – and this is how he repays me…

“I’ve only been up for twenty minutes – this is cruel… really cruel!” 

Good luck in your new job, Nick…


You can listen to the Chris Moyles Show here