JK Rowling: I miss writing about Harry Potter

In a video conversation with screenwriter Steve Kloves, the author confesses that she still dreams about the series


JK Rowling might have brought her Harry Potter series to an end, but in a newly-released video clip she reveals that she misses writing about its characters.


The footage shows Rowling in conversation with screenwriter Steve Kloves, the man who adapted her best-selling books for the big screen, and begins with Rowling admitting: “I dreamt about [Harry Potter] just the other night.”

“The one thing I really, really miss is writing those three characters,” says Kloves, to which Rowling responds: “Yeah, me too.”

“I had shorthand: Harry Ron and Hermione, in all my handwritten manuscripts is HRH…and I miss just  dashing off HRH, HRH…”

The video is taken from the bonus material included on the upcoming gargantuan 31-disc Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection box set, which boasts hours of exclusive behind the scenes features, interviews and documentaries, details of which will be revealed on the Harry Potter website over the coming weeks.  


JK Rowling’s first book for adults, A Casual Vacancy, will also be released in the same month as the Wizard’s Collection set and is due out on Thursday 27 September.