Sue Barker appoints Sir Alex Ferguson to Scottish Parliament ahead of Wimbledon final

The BBC presenter confused the Manchester United manager with the First Minister of Scotland yesterday

The tension and expectation ahead of yesterday’s Wimbledon final, along with the sheer number of famous faces who’d wangled tickets, was enough to make anyone’s head spin.


The BBC pre-match coverage had already featured an interview with Doctor Who star Matt Smith, while other celebrity spectators included the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa, PM David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson, David and Victoria Beckham, and two Scottish Alexes – Ferguson and Salmond.

The former is, of course, Scotland’s premiere football manager, while the later is First Minister of its parliament. Both are men at the top of their games in their respective fields, so it’s easy enough to understand why BBC presenter Sue Barker accidentally elected Ferguson to office…


(Our thanks to @RupertSawyerCEO for having the foresight and intelligence to capture the clip)