RoboCop is coming – watch the new viral video ad from OmniCorp

See the evil multinational's new range of defence mechanoids in a slick spoof commercial for the RoboCop reboot

How would you go about ridding a city of its criminal denizens? Put more bobbies on the beat? Encourage crooks to join a district-wide rehabilitation programme? Or maybe buy in a few dozen heavily-armoured defence robots and have them blast the nogoodniks to kingdom come…


If you plumped for the latter you’ll be positively inspired by this new ad from OmniCorp, the evil multinational corporation at the centre of things in the upcoming RoboCop remake.

Encouraging us all to imagine idyllic lives in cities free of crime, the video goes on to display some of the high-tech gadgetry designed by OmniCorp to keep recalcitrant baddies in line (or, indeed, in pieces).

As well as its ED-209 robot and high-flying XT-908 drone, the company seems particularly proud of its RC-2000 machine, which it boasts is “where human resources meets robotic engineering…”

According to early reports, Hugh Laurie’s been cast in José Padilha’s RoboCop reboot as the CEO of this slick-but-dastardly corporation, which should ensure that we’ll see the future of law enforcement facing off against a suitably formidable villain when the movie comes out.


Based on Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 sci-fi classic, RoboCop is set for release in August 2013, but in the meantime you can amuse yourself with the OmniCorp website to keep tabs on any further crime-blasting innovations they’ll be rolling out over the coming months.