Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters – watch the outtakes

The North Norfolk Digital revolution will be televised - tonight from 9pm on Sky Atlantic


After burning his bridges at the BBC by shoving a huge hunk of walnut-encrusted cheese into the face of then-director of programming Tony Hayers, Alan Partridge has been thrown a TV lifeline by Sky Atlantic as his Mid Morning Matters begins tonight on the channel at 9:00pm.


First broadcast on the web by Fosters in 2010, the show is a fly-on-the-wall look at Alan’s working life at local radio station North Norfolk Digital, which depicts days filled with digressions, endless over-enunciation and occasional petty fights with on-air foil Sidekick Simon.

But while the original series has now been removed from YouTube in preparation of its TV debut, there’s still a good chunk of Mid Morning mirth out there to be enjoyed in the show’s outtakes.

Of course, a media professional like Alan would probably be mortified by the idea of the public seeing him flluff lines and laugh a little too heartily at his own jokes, but these clips demonstrate a man with a rich sense of fun and, in their way, act as a counterblast to the bitterness displayed in his poorly-received first memoir, Bouncing Back. Enjoy:


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