Sylvester Stallone… in numbers

It's the action hero's 66th birthday, so here's a selection of fascinating facts about the Italian Stallion

If your name’s Sylvester Stallone, I’ve news for you: it’s your birthday! And a very happy one I hope it is too.


Yes, today marks the alarmingly youthful-looking Italian Stallion’s 66th set of the bumps and gives us all a chance to sit back and marvel at what a thoroughly exciting life he’s led.

From blowing away villains in the Rambo series to inspiring underdogs everywhere with his Rocky films and even dabbling in comedy, Sly’s done it all and usually followed through with a one-liner to boot.

And so, to give you some idea of the myriad ways one very driven man can spend six and a half decades, here’s Sylvester Stallone…in numbers:

1…Softcore porn role.  Sly’s very first on-screen appearance was in a grubby ‘n’ grainy nudie pic called The Party at Kitty and Stud’s. He spent two days working on the flick back in 1970 and apparently received $200 for his trouble.

2…Everton games attended. Believe it not, Sly’s a big fan of The Toffees and sported their colours when he attended his first game at Goodison Park in 2007. He turned out on the terraces again when the club played in the States in 2009 and has been photographed in his Everton scarf almost as many times as in his boxing attire.

2…Books authored. As well as writing the scripts for many of his movies, Stallone’s also published two books: The Official Rocky Scrapbook, which came out in 1979; and Sly Moves, a diet book described by its author as “My proven programme to lose weight, build strength, gain will-power and live your dream.”

2.59…People killed per minute. The fourth Rambo movie features a staggering 236 characters/extras gunned down on-screen over the course of its 94-minute runtime, leading to an impressive average of two and a half deaths every 60 seconds.

5…Children. Sly’s fathered a quintet of kids in his time,and they’ve all got names beginning with S, giving them all the alliterative advantages of his own name. They’re called Sage, Sargeoh, Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet.

27…Award wins. Though ten of those were Razzies. If only he’d never made Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, eh?

28…Days. Was the brief time it took to shoot Rocky, which cost just over $1m to make. To date, the film’s grossed over $225m worldwide, which isn’t a bad return on four weeks’ work.

35…Years of Painting. Is the title of a 2011 art exhibition Sly staged in Switzerland, where the keen amateur painter exhibited 30 of his artworks. He’s quite the dab hand at daubing too, and sold one of his works for $50,000 back in 2009.

400…lbs. Was the weight Stallone claimed he could bench-press in his iron-pumping prime, before a training accident resulted in a torn pectoral and 160 stitches and convinced Sly to tone down his bodybuilding regime.


20,000,000…dollars. Which is the highest salary Sly’s reportedly been paid for appearing in a movie, though in fact he’s earned this sum twice; first for his role in 2001’s Driven, and again a year later when he starred in D-Tox.